Games & Rides

Dunk Tank

Royal Flush Dunk Tank

Down Pour Derby

Pitch Burst
Wet Or Dry 
Water Balloons Or Confetti Balloons

Ultlmate Obstacle
(31L) X (15W) X (10H)

Large Obstacle
(35L) X (15W) X (10H)

Small Obstacle
(15W) X (20L) X (8H)

Kool Kat Obstacle
(45L) X (16W) X (8H)

Golf Game
(10W) X (12L) X (10H)

Floating Ball
(10W) X (12L) X (10H)

Triple Bungee Run
(18W) X (32L) X (8H)

Velcro Wall
(15W) X (25L) X (15H)

(15W) X (15L) X (5H)

Boxing Ring
(15W) X (15L) X (8H)

Fun Art Spinner

Corn Hole Toss

Duck Pond

Dart Game

Animal Throne

Giant Beer Pong

Skee Ball
(4W) X (8L) X (6H)

Sumo Suits
(15W) X (15L)

Airborne Adventure
(15W) X (15H) X (25H) 
The Airborne Adventure has an inner capsule where two children or one adult are harnessed into a parachute. With a push of a button, they are then lifted 20' in the air. Next is the drop. This is done by simply hitting the button again. This game is definitely an eye catcher. If you want your party to be unique and over the top, this is the way to go!


(40L) X (15W) X (12H)

Try to bounce your way along the four inflated large balls without tumbling off - not that easy!

Rock Wall
(20W) X (20L) X (30H)

Foame Machine & Pit
(15W) X (15L) X (5H)

Baseball Pitch
(6W) x (8L) x (8H)

Bubble Machine

Hula Hoop Toss 
(14L) X (12W) X (7H)

Basketball Pitch
(8W) X (8L) X (8H)

(6W) X (6L) X (8H)

Basketball Pitch 2#
(8W) X (8L) X (8H)

Big Darts
(6W) X (8L) X (8H)

Air Dancer


Running Watts

Cash Cube
(6W) X (6L) X (10H)

Big U Obstacle
(30L) X (15W) X (18H)

Misting Station